About Wake Up and Plant

Hi, Welcome to Wake Up and Plant! I’m Jennifer, the founder of Wake Up and Plant.

Have you ever wanted some greenery in your house but just knew that you wouldn’t be able to keep it alive? Or maybe you feel that you wouldn’t be able to keep up with its care and maintenance? I’ve been there! Twice! I accidentally killed my first two plants by not knowing how much watering is needed! I know. Rookie mistake.

I wanted to ensure that my plant was well watered, so I may have overdone it while thinking plants can never have too much water. Boy was I wrong! And the second time around, I was paranoid that I would overwater it, so I doubted myself each time I wanted to water it. And when I did water the plant, I tried really hard not to overdo it. Another rookie mistake! It ended up dying 3 weeks later.

Aloe Vera was the plant that influenced me to start my green thumb journey! My mom gave it to me as a gift and even gave me specific instructions on how to care for it.

It died 2 times before I got my AHA moment with plants and have been collecting them ever since.

So, I’m here to guide you out to have your favorite plants flourish in your place with my plant parenthood experience (mistakes and all)!

I have always been hooked on the breathtaking effects plants have in our surroundings but just assumed it was a lot of work, so I never bothered with it. But after my Aloe plant experience, I realized that caring for a plant is just as easy as it looks.

That, and my love for a plant’s beauty, led me to a comprehensive study regarding plant care. And here I am, passing on the knowledge to you, so you can create your little garden heaven and nurture your love for plants!

You too could learn how simple planting is and how it could change your life in the tiniest of ways.

Why you should invest in a plant!

Wonder why you should love plants? Well, look at what the benefits of investing in plants could do to your workspace or home:

  1. Mental Health Effects: Get ready for a therapeutic change in your life, because the plants you are about to care for are going to boost your mood and creativity, and help release your stress and fatigue!
  2. Physical Health Effects: Your little herb buddies aren’t just going to help you feel better emotionally, but they have numerous physical health pros too, including better immunity and relief in mild illnesses such as sore throat!
  3. Pollution? Poof! The hardworking plants in your space will help clean the air and give you a better environment to breathe in.
  4. Noise Reduction: Plants in workspaces help reduce noise too.
  5. Humidity: Your plants can help make the air more moist and fresh, especially the urban areas where it is a necessity.
  6. The sense of accomplishment: Oh, the joy you get when your self-cared plants grow into the perfect vegetation. You will feel proud of yourself, and that sublime emotion can’t be matched by anything else! This can also help boost your self-esteem.

I believe that with the right approach, you can become an expert in plant care and grow an amazing collection!

What you will find on my plant blogging journey?

I will provide you with all of the appropriate tools and tricks you will need to get you started and keep it going, including:

  1. The best plants for your rooms
  2. Plants that you should choose if you are a beginner
  3. The procedure of caring for particular plant species
  4. The requirements of certain herbs and flowers for their growth
  5. Plant decor, laying out all the inclusive ways of setting up your plants for beauty.