19 Best Plants for the Bathroom {that you never knew you needed}

bathroom plants

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What is the best plant for the bathroom?

Are you wondering if you should get a plant for the bathroom? Well, think no further!

What is the best plant for the bathroom?

Keeping plants alive in a bathroom may be a challenging task. The temperature becomes hot and steamy in minutes during your shower time. Then it stays dry until your next shower. Similarly, it also gets much colder when the bathroom is left empty at night. These temperature swings can reduce a plants chances of survival.

For an environment that is more of a wildcard, you may say it’s uncertain; plants should be chosen very intelligently. Pick plants that will thrive under these unpredictable conditions, add aesthetic effects, and also improve air quality. Plants are an inexpensive accessory and super easy way to spruce up.

Nature has given us many such beauties that thrive under such severe conditions happily. Light conditions should also to be monitored, but they are not so challenging. If your bathroom has enough windows and proper ventilation, this is perfect. If this is not the case, fluorescent bulbs supplement sunlight by providing wavelengths that plants can use for their growth. You are still good to go.

Things to look for when buying a plant for the bathroom

  • The plant must love a high level of humidity.
  • The plant must be able to tolerate a low level of lighting
  • Your bathroom should have at least one window for some sunlight to come in (even if the plant needs low lighting)
  • Place the plant away from the showers (or at least not where it can get wet when you shower).
  • Consider air plants in the bathroom! They don’t require planters nor do they need soil. (and they’re extremely easy to decorate with)

What plants thrive in the bathroom?

Depending on your taste, routine, and weather conditions, pick up your favorite plants for the bathroom from the below-mentioned plants.

1.    Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium Nidus) – The Best Plants for the Bathroom

Bird’s Nest Fern is an environment-friendly bathroom plant. Its banana-shaped waxy fronds make it eye-catching. These fronds resemble a bird’s egg, and hence the name Birds Nest. The elegant appearance makes it a graceful and tropical addition to your bathroom space.

Being a shade lover, it grows much better in low light spots. No need to worry if your bathroom doesn’t receive light, it’s good to go with fluorescent or grow lights. These are the best plants for the bathroom that love humidity and will grow happily.

Furthermore, it tolerates infrequent watering and a dry climate. It prefers growing in your shower stall in a well-drained potting mix that is to be soaked regularly.

2.    When Its about choosing Plants for the bathroom go for Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Are you fond of leathery plants but couldn’t decide on which one for your bathroom? Don’t panic, Chinese Evergreen is here for you. These are the plants for your bathroom that are pretty, long, and leathery leaves with a metallic touch. It is a durable plant that thrives in low-care, moderate to low light, and demands moderate water. Water should be enough to keep its soil wet.

Furthermore, it loves humidity and also embraces dry air. Once the plant matures, it also grows tiny flowers, which later get transformed into berries. This plant can live happily in a spot with just having fluorescent lighting. It stays healthy for long periods. Make it a part of your bathroom corner and enjoy the exclusive green color of its leathery leaves.

3.    Give Green a Go with Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Its name is enough to describe its nature and appearance. Yes! Its exactly what you’re thinking. The leaves appear like the snake’s skin and have given it such an atrocious and horrible name. They are strappy, leathery, and sword-like.

Due to its harsh structure, it’s also called ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.’ The most robust body helps survive in poor soil, low water, low light, and harsh weather conditions. Also, this makes it a perfect match for your bathroom as it requires low maintenance, which is a plus.

What plants thrive in the bathroom?

Watering it after weeks of carelessness with cause it no harm. Snake plants are one of the few plants that can survive for decades. It loves bright sunlight, but it will also thrive with with low lights. Its air filtering property makes it stand out from the others. If you are suffering from skin irritation, this plant can be used as a cure. It’s a bit tall and less wide, so sticking it in your bathroom’s corner would be a much better option.

4.    Air Plants (Tillandsia) Love to Live In the Bathroom

Air Plants get the majority of its nutrients from the air in surroundings. It is super simple to care for. Water requirements depend on the weather conditions, and it needs more water in hot, dry areas while less water is required in cold, damp, and dark places. It indicates its thirst by curling inwards.

These plants for the bathroom flourish well in almost all lighting conditions, but proper ventilation is vital for their perfect growth. Many species provide funnel-shaped tabular flowers adding more to its beauty. The bathroom window with perfect ventilation would be the best place for it. If your bathroom lacks good sunlight, you are still good to go. Fluorescent lighting will make up the deficiency.

5.    ZZ Plant (ZamioculcasZamiifolia)

ZZ Plant has fleshy stems, oval-shaped leaves that give it a very stylish look. The waxy, shiny coating appears on the whole plant. Also, their skin is as tough as nails. This all gives it an artificial look. ZZ plant stands out in dim lighting, and humidity variations.

It is incredibly tolerant to damp conditions and will remain happy under artificial lights. Therefore, it grows in windowless spaces in the presence of fluorescent lights. No matter what’s your bathroom temperature, how often you neglect to water it, it will still survive. Place these plants for the bathroom in a corner, and it will grow perfectly tall and beautiful.

6.    Spider Plant (ChlorophytumComosum)

Spider Plant derives its name from its property of dangling spider-like plants, spiderettes from the mother plant on a web. It has proven effective in fighting pollutants like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene by making the bathroom air more suitable for you to breathe in. It grows perfectly in moderate to bright sunlight and does not need to be watered regularly.

Furthermore, it loves moisture. This makes it a perfect bathroom companion. If you are looking to make your air cleaner, a spider plant would be a good match. It requires little care, low light spot, occasional watering, and looks lovely in hanging pots on the top of bathroom cabinets.

7.    Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) is one of the fresh traditional Plants for the bathroom

I often get asked, is Aloe Vera a good plant for the bathroom? The answer is, yes! It does wonders for your bathroom. Aloe vera plants are the most common plants for the bathroom. We all know about this plant well. But it’s rarely seen as a filtering and pain-relieving agent. Their fleshy leaves does wonders. They filter air pollutants making the environment clean for you. They even monitor the purity of your place. This is accomplished by showing brown stains on themselves in case of polluted air.

Not only this, but they also have another significant advantage of placing it in the bathroom. The gel inside their leaves can have a cooling impact and will soothe the skin. It can be used as first aid for healing rashes, cuts, and cold sores. Just cut its leaf and apply the gel to the affected area.

What are the benefits of having plants in the bathroom?

It’s astonishing to know that it is also referred to as the “plant of immortality.” Because It endures the worst conditions and will live for decades, since it is challenging to kill. It will not die if you occasionally forget to water it and only requires very low maintenance. Remember to place it on the spot near the bathroom window so that it can be easily accessed in case of emergency.

8.    Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum Species)

Peace Lilly is listed as one of the top ten air cleaning indoor plants in a study conducted by NASA. It fights against poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde and also removes microbes from the bathroom environment. Its shiny green leaves and white spoon-shaped flower gives it a graceful look.

These plants for the bathroom grow well in indirect light. Its effortless maintenance and love for steamy conditions make it a smart and perfect bathroom fit. Its glossy leaves tolerate dark and dim light; its roots have also proved to be less sensitive to irregular irrigation. Place Peace Lily in the bathroom and enjoy its purifying and aesthetic beauty.

9.    Golden Pothos (EpipremnumAureum)

Shiny unique heart-shaped green leaves of the Golden Pothos will also work as a natural filter. They make an environment free from formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, toluene, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Consequently, they have enriched capabilities of removing the odor of these pungent-smelling gases.

Golden Pothos develops well in adverse conditions like variable lighting, high humidity, and less watering. It also loves a warm temperature. Therefore, it is also named as devil’s ivy. It is usually designed to dangle from cabinets, windows, or prefers to reside in hanging baskets. You don’t have to free up valuable and much-needed bathroom space for it either. It will look amazing wherever and however its placed.

10.    Dracaena (Cornstalk Dracaena) – Best Low Light Plants for the bathroom!

Dracaena is a smoke sucker. Dracaenas have strappy, long slender leaves with superb red markings that allow it to suck smoke particles. The leaves are worth watching, and they make it extraordinary. NASA’s study also listed it as an air purifier.

It is easy to grow, favors moderate to bright sunlight, but tolerates low lighting and needs the soil to stay moist. High humidity requirements make it a perfect companion for your bathroom. You’ll be surprised to know that even soil is not vital for its growth. Just place some shots of it in a container containing pebbles, marbles, and filtered water, and it’ll start to thrive.

Changing water for this once a week is enough. It may overgrow, but you can control its growth. Simply, trim it regularly or place it in conditions that confine its growth. Putting something above it may lower the growth rate as well.

11.    Cast Iron (Aspidistra Elatior) Are Stress-Free Plants for the Bathroom

Its unique name is enough to tell its iron resembling nature. Cast Iron Plant is a hearty, stress-free bathroom plant. It lives up to its name, tolerating extreme heat, low lighting, lack of water, and even poor soil. It remains bright green and leafy in fluctuating temperature, low-lighting, and infrequent watering.

In short, it’s hard to kill. You never know the climate of your bath; during your showers, it’s extremely moderate but at other times, and at night, it becomes cold due to infrequent usage. But don’t worry. This plant will relieve all of your tension, so there’s no need to panic; it will be able to subsist climate instabilities.

Moreover, its upright and silky leaves add to its beauty. They will also prove an aesthetic addition. It is good to place it in the corner of your bathroom.

12.    Orchid (Orchidaceae) is one of the best Flowery Plants for the bathroom!

Orchid is a beautiful flower that will prove a perfect addition to your bathroom. These colorful flowers live happily with high humidity, damp, and warm condition. They are a bit temperamental, but their appearance and fragrance make them worth growing. They favor indirect light with good air circulation.

best houseplant for the bathroom

In case of less ventilation, running a bathroom exhaust fan for a few hours every day is sufficient for this tropical plant. Hot light rays burn its leaves. The bathroom environment takes care of its growth. Prefer placing these compact beauties on the side of your tub or beside the sink. Their gorgeous flowers will boost your mood for months.

13.    Heart Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron Hederaceum)

Heart Leaf Philodendron favors beginners, and it’s super easy to handle in most of the conditions. Its glossy heart-shaped leaves appear bronze at the start and then will transform into green color.  It loves high humidity and can be grown in soil or just water.

Moderate and consistent lighting is required. Artificial light sources are good for this plant as well. When these plants are placed in the bathroom, it has a higher chance of growing faster, so you don’t have to wait long for it to get mature. This is a good plant to place near the shower or the side of your tub.

14.    African Mask (Alocasia) Plants for the Bathroom

African Mask is an exciting addition to your bathroom and will make your plant collection unique. Its long and pointed leaves give it magnificent foliage that steals the vision. It loves warm and humid conditions and favors low lighting conditions.

It grows actively in a moist environment with plenty of water. It will live happily in a well-lit bathroom but also welcomes diffused lighting. Apart from this, it will also need a little more of your special care and attention when compared to other bathroom plants. It needs regular misting to maintain its eye-catching beauty. You can place it anywhere in the bathroom.

15.    Bamboo (Bambusoideae) Loves To Live In Low Light

Bamboo is one of the super low maintenance plants for the bathroom, and this makes it the best pick for your bathroom. Low light spaces with indirect light are okay. It enjoys humidity from your showers and just needs to be watered once a week.  This plant will keep your bathroom green throughout the year. Fit it near your bathroom shower. A simple container of water is enough for its growth. 

16.    Let Your Bathroom Thrive With Bromeliad Plants

Bromeliad is another colorful, pretty, and unique addition to your moist bathroom environment. It lives to give long-lasting blooms in those locations where certain plants can barely survive. A humid bathroom with proper ventilation with bright indirect sunlight is a perfect match for it. If your bathroom lacks ventilation, don’t worry.

Its ventilation requirements can be easily fulfilled with a bathroom exhaust fan. Running a fan for a few hours is enough. Furthermore, it also tolerates dryness. Just spare your bathroom corner for it and buy it now.

17.    Fiddle Leaf Fig (FicusLyrata)

Violin-shaped shiny leaves with thin veins of Fiddle Leaf Fig gives it a stunning look and an exceptional name. It loves to thrive in wet bathrooms with consistent bright lighting, a bathroom shelf, or a better drafty window. Deep thorough watering is encouraged. It deserves essential care. If it remains under-watered, the leaves would turn brown around edges and would start to droop.

Furthermore, it demands your time and care. It takes time to adjust to a new place. Don’t worry, give it some time, and follow the care guidelines to keep it healthy. Enjoy placing it near or next to your sink. It’s striking look will make you feel delighted every time you go to your bathroom.

18.    Boston Fern (NephrolepisExaltata)

Boston Fern is a trouble-free fussy plant demanding low maintenance. Its delicate woodland like look makes it worth placing. These plants for the bathroom love steamy bathrooms, moderate lighting, and high humidity.

How do I decorate my bathroom plants?

Remember to keep the lighting at a moderate level. It burns its leaves in bright lighting while low light retards its growth by changing its color to yellow. It needs to be misted when it’s dry. Place it over your bathroom shelf in a well-drained potting mix while watering it once a month. Your special care and attention will help it to live for years.

19.    Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) Is A Perfect Mixture Of Green

Dumb Cane gives a perfect mixture of green, yellow, and white foliage, a rarity in indoor plants and plants for the bathroom. But it creates a toxic sap that ends up in a painful and swollen mouth if swallowed. Sometimes the swelling is worst, causing the victim to go silent. This has given it the name of Dumb Cane.

Therefore, it should be kept out of the reach of pets and children. If you touch its leaves, wash your hands before immediately before doing anything else. Its versatile nature and beauty makes it a perfect bathroom partner. It will even withstand extreme negligence. It lives happily in indirect light, light humidity even from the shower, and prefers moist soil. Place it on the bathroom shelf or window.

What are the benefits of having plants in the bathroom?

There are so many benefits of having plants in the bathroom other than just for looks.

  1. Will increase energy level in the mornings
  2. Increase positive outlook on life
  3. Challenge your creativity skills
  4. Better air quality
  5. Help absorb moisture
  6. Easy to care for
  7. You’ll fall in love with your bathroom that much more

How do I decorate my bathroom plants?

If you’re stuck on how to decorate your bathroom with plants, here are some ideas.

  1. Place a small plant on the counter
  2. Put it on a shelf and fill it with multiple plants
  3. Let it hang on the ceiling
  4. Use it to brighten up a place
  5. Place multiple plants on a windowsill
  6. Place it in corners
  7. Place a plant in any empty spaces
  8. Hang it above the bathtub

Check out this article for some modern bathroom ideas!

Is it good to have plants in the bathroom?

Yes, having a plant in the bathroom will do wonders for both decor and air quality.

Placing a plant in the bathroom may sound like an odd place but some plants prefer it because of their humidity requirements. The steam coming from the showers will help the plant tremendously by maintaining its moisture.

Is it good to have plants in the bathroom?

The only downfall of having plants in the bathroom is the inconsistency of lighting that is being used. Especially at night, when there’s barely any usage of the bathroom and its light. Thats why you need to consider tropical plants that likes a medium to high level of humidity as well as a plant that can tolerate low lighting.

Conclusion of the best bathroom plants

Plants add greenery to your bathroom. But, they should be chosen wisely. Your choice will make your bathroom much better places. Bathroom conditions must be kept in mind. For a family bathroom where shower and bathtub are frequently used, humidity loving plants would grow perfectly.

In the case of the guest bathroom, it receives less usage and hence remains drier and darker. Plants tolerating darker and duller conditions would be a good fit. Go for unique, low-maintenance plants that add life to your bathroom, giving perfect decor. Make your bathroom healthier, attractive, and inviting with living plants.