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Plant Care

Struggling to keep your plant alive?

Understanding what a plant needs will prompt a decrease in pressure while increase cleaner air, so you can have a more joyful living condition.

There is something about bringing nature from the outdoors to the indoors that lights up your home and work environments. Not everyone is brought into the world with a green thumb, especially when it comes to planting care.

Lucky for you, on my blog, I will share best practice tips, hacks, and tricks to keep your plants alive and flourishing both indoors and outdoors.

Here on my blog, I will enlighten you with an incredible perception of plants that anyone can take care of and grow. I will go over the tips on plant care and maintenance of your plants in detail. When you have better knowledge and understanding of these practices, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge and skills on your own plants. And become a plant expert!

When you start collecting plants, the following 3 things are a MUST to know.

  1. The amount of lighting your plant will need
  2. Your plant’s toxicity level (if you have plants or small kids)
  3. Your plant’s watering schedule

Many plants are occasional, so your green thumb work needs to reach out into the slow time of year. Ensure you have an away from what is required to think about your plant.

Dealing with plants can get challenging at times. Especially when it comes to pests and diseases. But if you provide proper care and attention to your plant, you won’t ever have to worry about running into those problems.

Just remember to consider the many different factors of a plant as well as how much care you’ll be able to provide for it before investing in one.

Or be spontaneous and challenge yourself to care for whatever plant that speaks to you. Chances are, you’ll find some tips and tricks on my blog to help you out.

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